Real Friendly People. Real ROI – Rocketshp


Mark Hayes

Chief Marketing Officer

If cat herding was a sport, Mark would be the captain of New Zealand’s national team. Fueled by an incredibly deep hatred for comic sans and the occasional deep fried Twinkie, he’s the nuclear-powered, results-getting machine you want driving your sales and marketing strategies.

Paul McCarrison


They say variety is the spice of life, and Paul prefers life really, really spicy. Paul brings over 15 years of corporate experience working with some of the biggest publicly listed companies in Australasia.

Anastasia Levina

Project Manager

Anastasia believes cake is a breakfast food, and refuses to be told otherwise. Those sugary carbs give her the energy it takes run high-performance digital campaigns all day — but they also power her compulsive cleaning habits. (Seriously. You should see her desk.)

So glad we’ve met. Now, let’s get to work!